/Valencian Gold (NY Bagel Menu) [2,] Las Vegas NV

Valencian Gold (NY Bagel Menu) [2,] Las Vegas NV

Valencian Gold



Plain Bagel

Everything Bagel

Egg Bagel

Amish Butter

Scallion Cream Cheese

Opting to perform some upgrades even before state pandemic mandates shuttered all on-site dining, Chefs Jeffrey Weiss and Paras Shah spent quarantine making Bagels, many of the rounds from Valencian Gold’s oven finding their way to front-line healthcare workers including office staff located just down Warm Springs.

A project rooted in Jeffrey’s past, and one well-received by Chefs as well as diners, Valencian Gold can be found in the Southwest Marketplace off Rainbow Boulevard, and although returning to “Spanish fast-casual” Cuisine in “Phase One,” the quality and commitment was undeniable.

Launched at 9:00am on April 2nd, and temporarily retired mid-May, it is via time-honored process that Bagels are mixed, formed, proofed, boiled and baked, the “Plain” anything but from its chewy-but-not-overly-dense crumb to a generous golden skin.

Sold for $2.50 each, slightly more expensive than Bagel Café or New York Bagel N Bakery but vastly superior in terms of texture, those seeking added flavor should consider Valencian Gold’s Sesame or Everything, the former packing more seeds per centimeter than would seem possible while “Everything” entails a whole lot of Garlic, Salt and Pepper, plus plenty of Poppy Seeds.

Hand-whipping two styles of Cream Cheese plus Tofu, in addition to other select Jams, Spreads and luxurious Amish Butter, those who like the taste of Scallions should not hesitate to order a double-helping of Chef Shah’s creamy concoction, though in the case of a $3.50 Bialy further Toppings are unnecessary thanks to Caramelized Onions at the center of a Focaccia-soft round.

Adding Lox by popular demand, every Carb-heavy round sold-out daily, another treat came in the form of a Knish with Wonton-crisp Pastry surrounding a dense yet satiny Potato and Onion center at about 33% less than the cost of those at Katz’s or Canter’s.

N/A: Making it blog policy to not ‘rate’ places based on catering or takeout alone, Chefs Shah and Weiss created something unique and delicious with Valencian Gold, and continued to push forward during tough times with a New York Deli Menu that one hopes they’ll find a way to bring back sooner rather than later.

RECOMMENDED: Bialy, Everything Bagel, Knish, Amish Butter, Scallion Cream Cheese.


TIP: Look for the return of “Paella for the people” coming soon.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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